Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shopping 3/4-3/10

Here's what I spent this week. $2 under budget!

$12.77 at Jewel
12.35 Dominick's (hubs' trip)
$14 Dominick's (my trip)
$17 Fair Share Foods
$5 Wags on Coke

Yup, that's a lot of little shopping trips, which I know we all try to avoid. But some weeks that's just how it goes -- I really wanted to get the veggies and Italian sausage on special at Fair Share, then I wanted my milk at Dominick's (also got a rain check for those $4 12-packs of Angel Soft TP double rolls), and I stopped into Jewel for potatoes not even realizing the organic store brand was on sale for $2.50 for 5 lbs.! (They should be still through tomorrow if you want to stop in.)
I was actually hoping to have money left over this week to splurge at Penzy's spices, since we are out of all kinds of spices. Maybe next week.
I got the Kraft coupons I bought today, so this next week I'll be MAKING MONEY buying cheese. So excited.
Here was our basic $61 menu. We actually didn't have the kids with us for the weekend so we ate out for a late lunch on Sunday and didn't need to eat dinner:
Wed: can't remember
Thurs: homemade sausage and broccoli pizza
Fri: cereal with fresh pineapple; leftover pizza; salmon with rice and kale
Sat: cereal with fresh pineapple; bananas; salmon fried rice; nachos with leftover Manwich meat
Sun: cheese and broccoli omelette with fresh grapefruit juice; lunch out; nachos
Mon: cereal; leftovers; hot dogs with steamed broccoli; frozen pizza
Tues: organic steel cut oats w/ raisons and oranges; bagels with cream cheese and steamed broccoli; Potato kielbasa cabbage casserole a la Jane Brody