Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saving Money Is the Story of the Hour -- Woman's Day

Friends have mentioned to me that it seems like every media source is buzzing with money-saving tips 24/7 these days. They really are, and that is because I am a big trendsetter and they are copying me.
(How much of a trendsetter am I? Just months after I gave Nutmeg her real name, which is not at all common, a major movie star named her daughter the same thing. Coincidence? Ha.)
So it's no shock that the Woman's Day, a magazine that already carries a lot of budget-conscious material, devoted almost its entire April 1 cover to money-saving issues. The issue promises a total of 374 cost-cutting tips, spread across these stories:
Frugal and Loving It (1st person piece on how one mom saved by cutting grocery trips to one a week, brown bagging, mail-order prescriptions, staying out of the mall, and discounted movie tickets at CostCo.)
Can We Afford a Vacation (tips for cheaper family trips)
Design on a nickel
Money columnist Mary Hunt's explaination of changes in credit cards like lowering people's limits and cancelling accounts due to the credit crisis.
Eat Well for Less (recipes with cost per serving listed, usually around $2)

Also, on the Woman's Day Web site, there are tips for getting a bigger tax refund.