Friday, March 6, 2009

Overlapping Catalinas @ Jewel = REALLY Cheap Cheese

I don't know why I didn't know about this, but apparently there are overlapping Catalina deals that can get you 7 bricks of Kraft cheese for ONE BUCK! Mummy Deals explains how.
Actually, I think this will be a moneymaker for me because I still have severeal 75 cents/1 blinkies for Kraft cheese.
The deal goes through 3/15, so if you have good mail service you might consider ordering some of these .75/1 coupons. I see they're here for 10 cents apiece.
We are SO going to take a stroll over to Jewel in this gorgeous weather after Pebbles wakes up.


Helen said...

Goodness! You should stop in at HCW more often (haha, i have the kids...and will just get busier! ;) ) they were talking about it there a few days before it started.

Anyway, I don't need cheese, so I ignored it and stocked up on 25 boxes of South Beach bars. It's all on my blog! You can get cheapish cereal at Dominicks. They "$5 off 5" is on quite a few variets not listed in the ad.

Carrie said...

Helen, you're so right -- I would stay more informed on the Catalinas if I made HCW a part of my regular rounds.

Kaylea said...

This worked perfectly for me. Wow!