Sunday, March 1, 2009

MYSTERY Coupon Makes Carnation a CVS Moneymaker

Get this. Since I had to go out in the snow tonight to pick up some Freecyle bounty (a play tunnel for the toddler), I stopped into CVS and Jewel. At CVS I considered looking for the week's freebies like the Carnation Instant Breakfast, then decided I did not care about that particular item enough to bother unless I got a $/$$ coupon later this week. Maybe I could have reused the $5/$30 from this past Thursday, but I did not have another copy with me.
At Jewel I was rounding a corner, heading for the checkout, when I noticed a blinkie coupon on the floor. The total said $1, so I bent down and picked it up.
It was for $1/1 Carnation instant breakfast, expires 3/22. Which is free after ECBs at CVS this week -- or a $1 moneymaker with this coupon. Now I'm glad I didn't buy the Carnation already.
Funny thing is, I immediately searched the area around where I found the coupon and the area not too far away where they keep the Carnation. No blinkie box. Nothing.
I wonder where that coupon came from?? At any rate, if you shop at Jewel, Albertson's, Shaw, whatever, keep your eyes open for these valuable coupons.
And by the way, while I was at Jewel I did the ConAgra Catalina with 6 Marie Callender dinners and one Gulden's mustard ($5 out of pocket). Last night I did it with eight boxes Act II popcorn (23 cents after oop). No problem either time. Some people on Hot Coupon World were confused and thought it was over at Jewel, so just wanted to let you know that it is NOT over.


CJ Sime said...

I love the coupon fairy!!!

Anonymous said...

So that's what happened to my IB coupon! Just kidding - but a few weeks ago I had one at my hand at the supermarket and then at checkout it was gone. :(

My husband has an IB every morning, Monday-Friday. His dad did it, so he does it.


Amanda said...

Coupon fairy!