Friday, March 13, 2009

My First Batch of Consignment Sale Shopping

I was over at Parenthesis putting more and more clothes out on the sale tables this morning. If any of you are in the Chicago area and are on the fence about hitting this sale, let me tell you that this is a bumper year. We volunteers saw soooo many cute things going out on the racks and tables that we were jealous that we had already done our shopping last night.

Here are some pics of the things I got at the volunteer sale. I spent $116! That's probably more than I've ever spent, but there are good reasons: 1) I scored a double jogging stroller (for TWENTY BUCKS! This is why I'm telling you this sale is the best possible event on the plant! Better than tickets to the inauguration!) 2) While volunteers are limited to 15 items of clothing per child, I was able to in addition buy maternity for myself and items for the coming baby boy. I ended up with 61 items (oops), the stroller, plus several very nice toys.

Nutmeg was so pleased with her summer wardrobe when she came downstairs this morning. It was like Christmas all over again. I only hope she stays excited about secondhand clothes for a few more years.

The baby clothes:

Nutmeg's clothes:

Pebbles' stuff (she didn't get much since she has so many handmedowns):

And, a little fashion show. This outfit is size 6 and the skirt at least is headed for the "kindergarten wardrobe box":

In a great, size 6 mod dress (also for kindergarten), holding a Melissa and Doug birthday cake that I also bought last night:

And, this summer's bathing suit, complete with matching flip flops:

I'll be buying LOTS more stuff at the end of the sale tomorrow, when they pass out garbage bags for $5 and let you put anything you want inside. My kids can never say, "But mom, I don't have anything to wear!"


Amanda said...

Your posts have convinced me to go. However, hubby will be out in the morning getting the flat tire fixed, and since I don't want to bring my little guy to the sale, I probably won't get there until half price time. Do you know when they'll be busting out the garbage bags? Because I am all about half price and garbage bags. I hope to see you there!

Carrie said...

Amanda, I BELIEVE the bag sale starts at 12:30, but i would get there earlier just in case. Besides, there is a line, so if you get there a little earlier you get to hit your preferred table first.
And if you get there in time for the half price sale, even if you don't buy anything, you can use that time to scope out what you want to grab during the bag sale. Just don't even think about trying to hide stuff -- at the bottom of the clothes pile is ok, but we volunteers search the room like a SWAT team and we often find bags tucked behind or under things by crafty people who think they'll be able to come back and grab them during the bag sale. Not nice! And believe me, we know all the hiding places!
Even the volunteers have to wait in line, so I'll see you out there. I'll be wearing the name tag that says Carrie.

Rachel said...

I found your blog through (I think). Fun to see a blog written by a fellow OP mom! Plus I think I may have been behind you in line at the Parenthesis volunteer sale, because the pregnant woman in front of me was buying a double jogging stroller!

Carrie said...

Rachel, that would be me! There was only one double jogger available! Did you get some good stuff at the sale?