Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Money Saving Mom: Free $20 Gift Card and Wags Freebies

I'm sure you are all reading Money Saving Mom, right? She's my favorite conservative Christian in America! (That's a joke, cause usually I do not hang with the right-wing Christians, being myself what Sean Penn called a homo-loving commie. But Crystal at MSM is so awesome, that any religoius and philosophical differences are easy to overlook.)
Today, Crystal is listing 2 amazing deals. One is a free $20 gift card at a site called Dillyeo.com. You have to go through a few steps to order the gift card, which will be emailed to you in the form of a coupon code. The site is working pretty slow, probably because a zillion people are hittting this deal. Good through Midnight Central Time. If you're not clear on whether you completed your order (I wasn't) check your email -- you should get an immediate order confirmation.
The other is two Wags deals: a possible moneymaker or very cheap buy of Dove soap (that's all my family uses due to sensitive skin) and free Starbucks chocolates. Once again, I feel the gravitational pull of Walgreens sucking me in. Oh well, if I earn some Register Rewards on Dove this week, I can spend them on diapers next week.


Amanda said...

OMG! I liked your blog before, but after the "homo-loving commie" comment, I am in love! ;)

Keep up the good work. Also, are you going to blog again about the consignment sale? I have it on my calender, and I plan on going if I can muster the energy. Thanks!

Sue said...

I subscribe to your blog. I don't have a CVS, Jewell, Kroger, etc... around here, but I find myself clicking on your post to read them anyway - your writing style is unique and wonderful! Keep it up! I do have a Walgreens, and I appreciate those posts a lot! Trying the Dove deal today. Thanks for a great blog!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

you crack me up, you homo-loving commie, you! i got a dillyeo card too, and hope they have something wonderful in the next few days to spent it on.

sincerely, your tree-hugging organic-product-buying-liberal sympathetic-obama-voting bloggie buddy beth!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

p.s. if you have one near you, do the old navy sale! and if you'd like some seeds i'd be happy to send them!