Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Made Money on Cheese ... But Next Time I Will Make Even MORE

I received my coupons for Kraft cheese today (unlike my worms, they came to the right address, despite my not having updated my PayPal address), so of course I wanted to stop at Jewel on the way home to try out the Kraft Catalina.
Well, I got 7 bricks of Kraft, and paid $8.25 o.o.p. after my .75/1 MQs. Got a $10 Cat and was delighted -- a $1.75 profit stocking up on what is consistently one of my most expensive grocery items. Until I remembered on the way home -- wasn't there supposed to be an overlapping aspect to this deal?
Oh yeah -- the Hot Coupon World Jewel forum reminds me. I was also supposed to get a $3 Cat for buying 4 cheeses. Except, that deal is only for TWO PERCENT Kraft cheese, which is not what I grabbed.
Well, boodiddleyhoo. Naw, I can't cry about making money on cheese. I'm just happy to realize I'll do even better next time I stop in.
Ironically, I now see from the HCW forum that Starkist, Arnold, Brownberry or Oroweat products are also included in the $10 Cat. This is ironic because I had also grabbed a Brownberry bread on sale for $2. This "spend $25, get $10" Cat deal is supposed to be running through 3/22, and the "buy 4, get $3" one through 3/29.
I look forward to searching tomorrow's flyer for more Orowheat, Starkist or Brownberry products that might work along with 4 cheeses to get you a little more variety with this great deal.


Helen said...

It's a lot of Kraft (which means Nabisco) the UPC list is in that thread on HCW. I don't know if you read my blog, but I posted my South Beach bars 'adventure'!

CJ Sime said...

I did the cheese deal twice, spent 19 out of pocket and got $26 back. AND a litterbug left their coupons for $5 off a $50 purchase on the ground for me to pick up!!!

Where did you find the cheese coupons? I looked but they weren't to be found.