Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Hate Register Rewards

So we leave town early Monday, and my $20 in RRs will expire while we're gone. We need toilet paper and dishwasher detergent, but I hate the idea of driving over to Wags when we have a CVS right across the street. And neither of them has a particularly good deal on such items.
Wags also doesn't seem to have any decent RR deals this coming week.
I guess I'll have to look thru that March book again in the morning to find some full rebate item to buy and use up whatever's left after getting detergent and TP. I hate having to spend my RRs on something that's not on sale, though, just because they're going to expire. That NEVER happens with CVS.
On the upside, I got two gift cards from transferring allergy meds to CVS from Dominick's, totalling $55. Which helped take the sting off the fact that we have a new prescription plan on our insurance that made one of the scrips cost 60 DOLLARS for a 1-month supply. Best of all, one of the drugs hardly causes any birth defects at all.*
UPDATE: I was feeling pleased with myself for finding time today to scoot over to Wags and buy toilet paper, dishwasher powder, 3 sippy cups and Wal-Vert with the two $10RRs in my coupon file. Then this evening, as I packed my carry-on, I noticed that I still have another $10RR in my wallet. Expiring in 3 days.
Oh well, seems like you always need something from Walgreens on vacation, right? Funny thing is, I feel like I have packed well and for every contingency. Whole pack each of diapers and wipes. Extra sippies. Snacks. Sun block.
I almost find myself hoping I have forgotten something. Oh, I know! The place where we're staying has a kitchen but is far from any grocery store. I'll just use it to buy a week's worth of milk to put in the fridge.
* My midwife looked up the categories of the 3 drugs I usually take for summer allergies and found that two of them have caused birth defects in animal tests, while one of them is not known to cause birth defects. Naturally, the drug with less birth defects costs $60, and the flipper baby drug only costs $10. What's a frugal mom to do? Just kidding. Actually the midwife says that at this point in my pregnancy a small amount of the bad drug probably won't cause any harm, but just to be safe I'm carrying it as a last resort if nothing else works.


Dr. Mom said...

I saw a friend at CVS this week who told me that the two CVS stores that she frequents the most will take Walgreens Register Rewards like ECBs. You may want to ask.

Carrie said...

I will ask about that. I have asked at several different Jewels and always gotten a no, even when the cashier checked with a manager. I know they would work at the self check-out but haven't had the nerve to use one there at my regular store -- afraid of getting caught.
Anyway, I did all right when I finally got in the car and drove over to Wags. Two $10RRs plus $2.50 cash got me two 4-packs of the toilet paper in the flyer, one box of dishwasher powder, 3 good sippy cuts and a 24-pack of Wal-Vert for allergies.

Michele Renee said...

Sort of off topic...but does the drug plan have mail order? You will need a new Rx from doc for a 90-day supply. But if plan has it, it may be one copay for perhaps 90 days.
Other comment: Yeah to having a midwife!!!!!!

Melissa Huizinga said...

Hey are you back yet? I wanted to let you know about this GREAT deal on Post Cereal at Jewel.

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