Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grocery Deals -- JEWEL/SHAW'S/ALBERTSON'S 3/12-3/18

Due to popular demand, I'm going back to the old format of breaking up the week's grocery deals by store. Nice to know that folks even read these things -- I especially appreciated the comment from a Candadian reader who said she read them for entertainment value only. Let me entertain you!

Today Jewel advertised the "spend $25, get $10" Catalina deal I mentioned recently. The full list of products included in on Hot Coupon World here, and here are some of the sale products this week:
Miracle Whip or Kraft Mayo $3
Kraft salad dressing 16 oz. $2.50 (w/out card $4)
Nabisco Oreos $3.50 (w/out card $4.45)
Capri Sun 10 pouches $2 (w/out card $2.95)
DiGiorno for One $2.50 (price w/out card $3)
Oscar Mayer Deli Creations or Fast Franks (yeesh hot dogs that come in the buns how lazy can we GET?) $2.250 (w/out card $3.50)
There are $1/1 blinkies out there for Deli Creations, available for sale
OM lunchmeat or ready to serve bacon $3 (w/out card $3.95)
There are $1/2 blinkies out there somewhere for the lunchmeat
Brownbery wide pan bread $2 (w/out card $3.85)
Kraft 2% Singles 12 oz. $2 (w/out card $4)
Wheat Thins or Triscuits (7.5-10 oz) $3 (w/out card $4.15)
There are $1/2 hangtags out there somewhere, available for sale
Crystal Light mix 10-12 qt. or 10-14-ct. singles $3 (w/out card $5.35)
Nabisco Teddy Grahams or Ritz Bits $2.50 (w/out card $3.75)
Use $1/2 from 3/1 SmartSource
Jell-o gelatin or pudding 6-packs or Kraft Planters Big Nut Bars (8.1 oz) $2.50 (w/out card $3.95)
Use $1/1 or .75/1 Big Nut Bars from 2/22 SmartSource
Planters Daybreak Blend or Trail Mix, 4-7.5 oz. $1.25 (w/out card $2.75)
Nabisco Variety Tray Packs 9.72-24 oz. $4.50 (w/out card $7.25)
Kraft Deli Fresh Natural Sliced Cheese, 8 oz., or 2% String Cheese or LiveActive Cheese Sticks $3 (w/out card $5)

As I mentioned yesterday, if you buy Kraft 2% cheese as part of this Catalina deal, you can double dip by getting up to $3 in additional Catalina coupons. I think people on HotCouponWorld are saying the 2% Kraft Singles count toward that deal. I tried the 2% cheese sticks today and (much to my kids' delight) they work toward both deals.
Like most or all Jewel Catalina deals, this Catalina works off the PRE-CARD PRICE, so you don't have to spend $25 out of pocket to get the $10 coupon. I verified this yesterday when I spent $8.25 on cheese after sale price and coupons, and collected the $10 Cat.
There are all kinds of great deal possibilities here. I want to combine at least 4 bricks or bags of cheese in each deal to get the other Cat. Some ideas:
four 2% cheese bricks $8 ($5 after subtracting the four .75/1 coupons I bought online) $16 pre-card
two Triscuits $6, $8.30 precard
1 Brownberry bread $2, $3.95 precard
spend $13, receive $13 in Cats = FREE GROCERIES!
We love Triscuits. Maybe I should order some coupons, which would make the above deal a $1 moneymaker.
Check out the deals that Helen at Helen Knits and Saves got by incorporating South Beach Bars, which she was getting an Avenu deal on in addition to $2/1 coupons. Right now my Avenu says $1 off ONE-COUNT South Beach Bars. I don't see single ones on the SKU list so I don't think that helps.
As long as you're there rocking the Catalina, might as well pick up some
asparagus $1.49/lb.
Pepsi 2L 97 cents
cabbage 28 cents/lb.
corned beef brisket $1.68/lb.
cantalope 99 cents/lb.
Jewel milk $1.99/gallon
Pepsi 12-packs or 6-pack 24-oz. bottles 4/$11, must purchase 4
Jewel skinless or split chicken breasts bogo @ ?
Lay's chips bogo @ $3.99
Scott 12 double roll TP or 8 roll paper towels $5/99
(I have a .75/1 from somewhere)
Yoplait cups 40 cents when you buy 10
Use .50/6 printable to get 10 for $3.50
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.


Helen said...

I'm getting my Scott's at Ultra Foods. $6, plus spend $10 and you can use store coupons for free eggs and a $.98 case of water bottles.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for switching much easier to read!