Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grocery Deals -- FAIR SHARE SUPER MARKET 3/11-3/17

Hey, it's a good week to buy cabbage. Something to do with some Irish holiday, I guess. Cabbage is a great, cheap vegetable -- it doesn't need to be organic, has lots of vitamins. But you don't want to stock up and feed your family too much at one time, if they're anything like my family. This week I solved this by doubling this casserole and freezing one.
Many -- but not all -- of these deals will be seen at other CertiSaver markets such as Pan's in Oak Park and Super Tony's.
3 lbs. red potatoes 99 cents
corned beef $1.59/lb.
cabbage 19 cents/lb.
ground chuck $1.99/lb
split chicken breast 89 cents/lb
cantaloupe 99 cents/lb
Country's Delight milk gallon $1.99
10 oz. Country's Delight frozen spinach 33 cents
CD apple juice 64 oz. $1.29
GM cereals $1.75
Use $1/3 from 3/8 insert to get 3 for $1.42 each
bratwurst, Polish or Italian sausage $1.99/lb.
chicken thighs 49 cents/lb.
Claussen pickels $2.50
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.