Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 4/1-4/7 FAIR SHARE SUPER MARKET

Since we had our paper on hold during our trip, I don't even know what's on sale where this week. I feel so lost! Then again, it's raining out and the kids' car seats aren't installed in the car, so it's not like I feel like rushing right out and restocking the fridge. Instead I'm reaching into the freezer for pumpkin puree and making the kids some hopped up weenie mac for dinner.
But I did get tomorrow's sale flyer for Fair Share foods with my mail, so here goes. Many, but not all of these deals may be found at other Certisaver stores:
5 lb. bag of Idaho potatoes 99 cents
meat or cheese ravioli $1.99 for a 1 lb. package
Country's Delight butter 99 cents/lb. (limit 2)
large eggs 89 cents/dozen (limit 3)
Nestle Tollhouse morsels $1.59/12 oz.
Sara Lee fruit pies $2.49 (27-37 oz.) (mm that sounds really good to me right now)
whole pork shoulder butt 98 cents/lb (what's a shoulder butt???)
whole chicken fryers 69 cents/lb (or 89 cents/lb cut up)
center cut pork steak $1.49/lb.
bratwurst, polish or italian sausage $1.98/lb
imported red seedless grapes 99 cents/lb
Quaker yellow or white corn meal $1.29/24 oz.
Country's Delight fruit cocktail or pear halves, 8.5-8.75 oz. 50 cents
CD pear halves 29 oz. 99 cents
Dole Pineapple juice $1.99/46 oz.
Edy's ice cream $3.33 (48 oz.)

5 lb.s red Texas grapefruit or 4 lbs. juice oranges $2.39 (or Fla. red grapefruit 79 cents/lb)
1 lb. strawberries 99 cents
pineapple $1.98
zucchini 79 cents/lb.
cabbage 39 cents/lb.
brussels sprouts or green peppers 99 cents/lb.