Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 3/19-3/25 JEWEL

The two Kraft Catalina deals are still going through Sunday, so I was kind of hoping to see a whole bunch of new items that qualify going on sale today. I only see a few, but the good news is that Brownberry bread is still on sale at $2 (rings up at $3.85 before card), 10-packs of Capri Sun are (still?) $2, and I read on Hot Coupon World that the Kraft string cheese is still on sale for $3 although the bricks have gone back to regular price. 8-16 oz. Wheat Thins are $3.50, pre-card price $5.45.
I also see some Nabisco items on sale that I'm not sure are included or not in the promo: 11.75-12 oz. Cheese Nips for $1 (the sku list includes a different size Cheese Nips only, but it also has a lot of skus without product names attached) 8-16 oz. Fig Newtons for $3.50, regular price $5.45
Read about my daughter's unparalleled joy at being handed a Capri Sun yesterday here. Some things Mommy will only ever buy if it is almost free.
There is another deal combo this week that should be fun: some Kellogg's cereals are "10 for $15" (must buy 10), and there is a new Catalina offer running 3/20-4/12 that gets you up to 3 free gallons of milk with Kellogg's cereals. This week's ad shows Froot Loops (12.2 oz.), Corn Pops (12.5 oz.) and Raisin Bran (20 oz) in the $1.50 each when you buy 10 offer.
Yesterday I got an ad from the Catalina machine that detailed the free milk offer: it covers Mini Wheats, Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran and Rice Krispies, all 12 oz. or larger. Buy 3 boxes, get 1 free gallon, buy 5 boxes, get 2 free gallons, buy 7 or more boxes, get 3 free gallons. Looks like the "free milk" comes in the form of a coupon for up to $4.69 per gallon. So the overlapping cereal is Raisin Bran. Buy 10 boxes Raisin Bran for $15, and you've got $14 off milk. That's a lot of breakfasts!
$4.69 is more than enough to get a gallon of hormone-free Deans', which I think is regularly $3.99 at Jewel, but not quite enough to get a gallon of any brand organic, which typically go on sale for around $6. Personally, I'd try to use these on a gallon of sale-priced organic and hope that they'll take off the $4.69 and have me just pay the difference. Or maybe use it on Oberweiss, which is not organic but always seems to taste so much better to me. Maybe it's the glass bottles.
I have a .70/1 any Kellogg's coupon in my file, but I don't remember which week it came out. If you have 10 of those, your final price would be $8 for 10 boxes cereal and three gallons milk.
These Qs are on EBay for around $3 shipped for 10 coupons, and there are even some $1/1 any Kellogg's on EBay, too. I might buy 10 $1/1s if I can get them for $3 including shipping, and then I'd be able to get the 10 boxes plus 3 gallons milk for $8 total. Wow!
And by the way, the 10/$15 offer also includes 10-oz. Nutri-Grain cereal bars (look for $1/2 peelies) and 12-ct. Pop-Tarts (use .55/1 printable)
Outside of these special deals, Jewel has:
house-brand milk gallons for $1.99
Dannon yogurt cups for 50 cents (use .50/6 printable)
Wild Harvest organic russet potatoes 5 lb./$3.49
organic Braeburn apples $1.99/3 lb bag
organic red anjou pears $1.29/lb.
24 oz. Jewel brand cottage cheese $2.50
Phil's fresh CAGE FREE eggs $2.50/dozen
2-lb. bags of Arctic Shores cooked or raw shrimp are bogo @ ?
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.


Melissa Huizinga said...

Thanks for posting the info. on the Jewel deals. It was getting tiring looking through all the HCW posts :)

Did you know that Oberweis milk is hormone free? That's probably why it tastes so good!!

Hey, it was nice meeting you at the sale on Saturday!

eve said...

I checked in the store today--the Kraft deli slices, singles (and possibly the string cheese) are on sale through the 22nd, as is the Oscar Mayer deli meat. Capri Suns are still $2 in the new flyer.

I have at least two more of these deals in me!