Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 3/19-3/25 DOMINICK'S/SAFEWAY

I apologize for the delay in getting this one up -- I didn't get a Dominick's ad with my paper yesterday and had to stop by the store to get one.
Mix & Match Sale
Buy 10 participating products in a single transaction, get $5 off instantly. Here are the prices listed AFTER THE $5 COMES OFF:
8.9-oz. Cheerios $1.50
Fresh Express salad bags 75 cents (free if you still have those $1/1 peelies, blinkies or tearpads)
Pepsi 2 L 75 cents
Chicken of the Sea tuna 5 oz., 75 cents
Chef Boyardee 75 cents
Hunt's tomatoes 75 cents
Halls Naturals 75 cents (20-25-ct) (use .75/1 from April All You to get it free, or use .50/1 from the 2/8 SmartSource to get for 25 cents)
Chips Ahoy selected varieties $1.50
Angel Soft 4-pack
(use .50/1 printable, or .50/1 from 2/22 RedPlum)
Capri Sun or Kraft Ranch dressing $1.50 (still available over at Jewel on Catalina, though)
Hefty zipper storage bags 30-40-ct $2
Nature's Pride bread $2
Ocean Spray juice $2
Hellmann's mayo 22 oz. or Hormel lunch meat for $2.50
3 lbs. O Organics apples $2.50
6-pack Coke or Pepsi, 16.9 or 24-oz. bottles, $2.50
If I get the chance to do this deal, I'd get a couple Angel Softs w/ coupon, a bag of apples, 2 bags Halls and 5 cans tuna. That would add up to $7 for the 10 items after coupons -- not bad at all. Nice that they threw in some fresh organic fruit.
Regular deals
Lucerne yogurt cups 40 cents
Wheat Thins 7-10 oz. $1.99 (still at Jewel on Catalina)
Red Texas Grapefruit 33 cents a pound
sweet cantaloupe $1.50
Rancher's Reserve pot roast $1.57/lb.
Perdue Whole Chicken 67 cents a pound

Frozen Food Catalina still going on thru March 31. Spend $25, get $10 coupon. Products listed include:
Breyer's bogo @ $6.59
Marie Callenders $2.99
Red Baron Pizza $3.99
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.
(I have not tried one of these at Dominick's, so I don't know if the $25 goes off card prices or sale prices. Anyone? I won't be trying this because my freezer is too full of cheese!)


Marie said...

I understand that I can use my $10 catalina from Jewle/Kraft deal at Dominicks since it is a manq. Have you ever done this?

Helen said...

I used my $4.50 Glucerna cat from Dominick's at Jewel's self-check. It scanned no problem. I probably wouldn't risk using it with a cashier...

Marie said...

Just an update on this from tonight. I needed to get some pizza and the Libertyville Dominick's is closer to my work that Jewel. I bought 4 pizzas from their frozen buy $25 and get $10 selection. Because the offer is by Dominicks and not a manfacturer, the items in the program on sale only count based on their sale price, not their shelf price.

Also, they completely changed what they offered. Red Baron pizza was taken off the list and Tombstone was the sub. It was $4.49 on sale, but not the $3.99 Red Baron as advertised.

Tried to use my Jewel $10 catalina at the self check out. It totally scanned $10 off the price but then it would not let me go further. It wanted a supervisor to come enter some code. So I abandonned the self check out and went to the cashier. She totally refused the $10 catalina because Jewel's name was on it, even thought I knew technically it would work in the scanner.

Bummed all around today!

Chicagolandia said...

Thanks for posting this.