Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Stuff With Coupons at Ultra Foods

I don't shop Ultra Foods because it's not near me, but I noticed in the flyers today that they have a sheet of coupons out, two for each of the next four weeks. This week it's a free dozen eggs and a 28-pack of water for 98 cents. You have to spend $10 to use 'em.
Reader Helen has a good suggestion for spending at least part of that $10 requirement: $6 for 12 mega rolls of Scott TP. I'm noticing they also have StarKist chunk liught, 5 oz., for 58 cents.
Ultra Foods is in Chicago Heights, Lansing, Chicago, Forest Park, Kankakee and Calumet Park.


Helen said...

Also Villa Park and Downers Grove ;)

Yeah, it's the only TP hubby will use, so I'll get it. Plus the free Marcal PT roll from Sunday's inserts.

I'm glad we've been 'helping' each other out. So far you're the only local 'deal' blogger I read.

Carrie said...

Funny. I'm lucky my DH isn't fussy. My poor mother -- I think my dad will only use Angel Soft. But at least that's cheap.

rachel said...

Huh, I got the Ultra ad but not the coupons -- how's that fair? :)