Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drugstore Deals Week in Review

Wags-loving readers out there, take heart! I successfully did a Walgreens deal this past week, and I'll be headed back next week to spend my Register Rewards on Huggies diapers.
I bought 6 Dove travel-sized deodorants and two bars of Dove soap, used the in-store "soap for 99 cents" coupon as well as three $1.50/2 Dove deo manufacturers' coupons. The result = $4 out of pocket and $10 in RRs. A $6 profit!
At CVS, I bought two big packs of 52 Playskool diapers and 8 packs of Playskool wipes. For the diapers, which were $11 each, I used a $5/$20 CVS brand Q plus a $3/1 Playskool diapers Q, both from the in-store coupon printer. So I spent $14 in ECBs and got 5ECBs back, for a "loss" of $9. That's 9 cents a diaper, and according to the chart on Baby Cheapskate, the "price to beat" for cheapie Luvs diapers is 17 cents. Yowza!
(Of course, if these diapers are too crappy (no pun intended, teehee) for you, it's no savings at all. So far they have worked fine for my daughter, although I don't love themn -- the velcro strip is difficult to open and they run VERY small for the weight on the package. I would have bought size 4 for my 20-pound toddler if I'd realized.)
The 8 packs of wipes totaled $20 even, and after I deducted my $5/$20 coupon and paid the bill with 15ECBs, the total came out to ZERO. I don't think that is supposed to happen (aren't diapers taxed?), but it did and I was happy!
See my last post for my drugstore plan for next week. And don't forget that my Leapfrog Tag giveway is going on through the end of March!


Mandy said...

Am I understanding this correctly? Can I use the Dove RR to pay for the Huggies deal, and it will print out a new RR??? I thought RR were set up so that if you paid with one, it wouldn't print a new one. Is that just on RR that are for the same deal?


Carrie said...

Mandy, I was under the impression that this rule only meant you couldn't roll the RRs back on the SAME offer. Donna's comment on my last post shows that she successfully used the Dove RRs to do the Huggies deal.
I'm not the Walgreen's expert, tho -- anyone else want to confirm this?