Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CVS News You Can Use

Item 1: March deals
Last summer, when I was newly obsessed with CVS, I would run into my local store on the first day of the month, just chomping to get a look at the monthly Extra Bucks deals booklet. Lately, that's all changed because a) I'm way cooler than that now, b) My local store stopped putting out the monthly book, and c) I realized that these things are online in advance.

At any rate, here it is March 3 and I hadn't even thought to look over the March ECB deals. Here they are. But be warned, they suck. The only freebie is a stupid CVS brand vitamin, limit one.

Item 2: New coupons in coupon printers
After a few days of getting nothing but $2/2 Gold Emblem Nuts and $1/3 CVS brand toothbrushes (these are the default coupons they give out when they don't have anything good), today I got long strips of coupons. Unfortunately, after looking through the monthly book and the sales between now and 3/17, when they expire, I doubt I will use any of these:

$1/1 Reach floss
$3/1 L'Oreal Revitalift (you can use for this week's L'Oreal deal if you're doing that)
$1/1 Neutrogena hand cream (I use this, but not seeing a sale coming up :( )
$1/1 Total cereal
$2/1 Scott or Cottonelle 12-pack or higher (there are a lot of .75/1 Cottonelle peelies out there to combine w/ this
$4/1 Viactiv
$2/1 Revlon color cosmetic

Any great matchups I'm missing here?
Item 3: Hot $3/$15 in SOME STORES
Described on I Heart CVS. If you find a stack of these books, WITH THE COUPON IN IT (some don't have it), you are set for the rest of the year.


C. Willingham said...

Hey Carrie, I'm new to the CVS game and live in your 'hood. Do you think it is possible that the store on Harlem and Circle (by the green line terminus) does not have a coupon machine? I excitedly went there today to scan up some coupons, but struck out. Maybe I need to go to the CVS on Roosevelt Rd instead?

Carrie said...

Hi C. Willingham, and welcome! That store has a coupon machine. It is near the front registers, at the end of one of the aisles. It will have a sign hanging from the ceiling reading "Coupon Center." Some people mistake these machines for simple price scanners -- they are red with a small screen and a bar code reader. When you hold the bar code on your card up to the scanner, the coupons print out the side.

Sarah Eliza said...

I've been all excited about the reported great coupons periodically available from these machines, but both the stores I've checked so far in my area *haven't been working*. Arrrrrrghhhh! I'll keep trying lol, but I just turn more and more green hearing about y'all getting good print-outs right and left... :P