Thursday, March 12, 2009

CVS: $5 in my Inbox

I received a $5/$30 today, good through Sunday. Will have to check out next week's deals as I hadn't been too excited about anything this week.
I can't link to the coupon because every time I do, CVS sends me a cease and desist letter. often links to these coupons, although I don't see the one I received up there yet.
Speaking of, they report that there's a new Reinventing Beauty magazine in CVS stores -- that's the in-house publication that's chock full of CVS coupons. At 99 cents, it makes a great filler. If you're really lucky, your store is like mine and they'll just put piles of the coupons that come in the magazine right on the counter for you to help yourself.


Becky said...

Ooh, I just got a $4 off 20!

Helen said...

Well sure, you can't link because it's a card-specific one. It has your name and card number on it.

I used $4/$20 just now; will blog after I take a pic.

Anybody know who is on the cover this time? I have such bad luck finding this thing (in general)