Monday, March 16, 2009

Cute Wittle Coupon Giveaway

Nothing big, guys, but I tossing a coupole coupons out there if anyone's interested. Each will go to the first reader to comment specifiying which they want; you can choose either offer 1 or offer 2 both.
Offer 1) Formula check for Enfamil Next Step Lipil, labeled 9-24 mos. One check is for $5, one is for $4, both expire 3/31 so I will mail 'em right out. (Something sticky spilled on them, but it is not smearing the important info so hopefully should work fine.) And a $5/1 manufacturer's coupon from Walgreens for any Enfamil powder. I may be wrong, but I think you can use this MQ along with a formula check -- no?
Offer 2) Free Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, valid ONLY AT WALMART (from the All You I just got today).


Laura said...

Ohhhh! Can I pretty please have the Rimmel coup??? :)


fassothfamily1 at yahoo dot com

Megan said...

I'd love the Enfamil coupons. Our twins go through a can daily!

Carrie said...

OK, the Rimmell goes to Laura and hte Enfamil to Megan. Megan, can you please send me your email address at carrie AT Or leave it here if you're comfortable doing so.

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