Thursday, March 19, 2009

Consignment Sale -- The Reckoning

At the Parenthesis consignment sale this past weekend, I was really excited that a couple of you reaaders came up to me and said they were there because of my blog. Thanks for doing that! Sometimes when you're blogging it just seems like you're typing and typing, and you wonder if anyone is out there. It was great meeting some of you and I hope you got some great bargains.
I've put off this post because I'm having an annoying problem with Blogger -- my photos keep posting sideways no matter what I do. Yes, I've tried rotating them sidways and saving that way, really I've rotated every which way, but no matter what, they look the same on the blog. Annoying! So anyway, I included a couple sideways pics in this post so, if you turn your head 90 degrees, you can see some of the neat things I bought:

I didn't imagine I'd spend $134.50 at the Parenthesis consignment sale, but I'm very happy with the values I got for that! Here's what we got for our money:
an older double jogging stroller that pushes and maneuvers like a dream ($20)
two infant bouncy seats (one for home, one for my parents' house, $5 and free)*
Graco car seat that I ended up throwing away because it is 7 years old (free)
booster seat for dinner table (free)
Melissa and Doug birthday cake set, new or like new ($4)
Peek-a-Blocks wagon with blocks ($2)
much of our son's first year wardrobe -- mainly 0-3 and 3-6 pieces including like-new Robeez (about $25 for all)

and some totally radical shirts

a couple of needed items for Pebbles -- spring jacket and rain boots -- and a few silly extras like a bag of kids' sunglasses and a REALLY cute jumper (about $10)
an s-load of summer clothes for Nutmeg including about 9 dresses and plenty of sandals, a raincoat, part of her Halloween costume (about $25)
plenty of sun hats for all 3 kids (about $1)
a few items that a friend's daughter needed (about $1)
a huge load of maternity clothes, much of which I hated once I tried on (most of the pants), but enough workable pieces to make it worth the money (about $45)