Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chicago-Area Groceries: Where to Buy It This Week

Instead of just going through each store individually, I thought this week I would try summing up the grocery deals a little differently: I'll tell you where to go for the best deals all in one post. Let me know if you like this format or the old one better, mkay?

MILK: Dominick's has the best deal on hormone-free milk at $1.99/gallon, limit 2. If you don't care about hormones, Jewel also has $1.99 gallons and Ultra Foods has them for $1.98, with in-ad coupon and $10 minimum purchase, and Fair Share Foods has a coupon for a free gallon of milk with 3 Kellogg's cereals.

CHEESE: Fair Share and Pan's (Certisaver stores) have the best deal with 8-ounce bricks of cheese for 99 cents; Pan's is also listing Wisconsin Brick or Muenster cheese from the deli at $1.39/8 oz.

YOGURT: Yoplait cups are 50 cents at Fair Share; Dannon cups are 50 cents at Jewel; Mountain High hormone-free is $2.50/32 oz. (I have a $1/1 CRT to use)

EGGS: regular eggs are 89 cents/dozen at Fair Share; but the Spareboe brand cage-free eggs at Fair Share are consistently cheap at $2.79/dozen. Jewel's Wild Harvest cage-free eggs are 25% off but no price is listed in the flyer.

TREATS: Food4Less has Breyer's 48 oz. for $2.50; Dominick's has Oreos at $1.29/5-18 oz. with in-ad coupon, and Tostitos $1.77 for 9-13 oz., with in-add coupon.

VEGETABLES THAT DON'T NEED TO BE ORGANIC: Fair Share has it with 19-cent/lb. cabbage, $1.49/lb. asparagus, 49 cents/lb broccolli or cauliflower, and pineapples for $2.

ORGANIC VEGETABLES: I don't see any in the ads but I saw 5 lbs. organic russet potatoes marked $3.99 at Jewel, and Trader Joe's consistently has good prices for organic potatoes, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, and some frozen organics as well.

BREAD: Arnold Dutch Country or Soft Natural AND Thomas' English Muffins (both include whole wheat) are bogo @ $2.99 at Jewel (use $1/1 from March All You for Thomas'); Thomas' are $1.49 at Dominick's.

MEAT: Fair Share Foods has Italian sausage or bratwurst at $1.89/lb., pork chops at $1.69/lb, whole chickens at .69/lb. Food4Less has pork loin chops or boneless pork loin roasts for $1.98/lb., and pork picnic roast at .88/lb. Dominick's has Top Round Steak for London Broil at $1.79/lb.

PACKAGED FOOD: Dominick's has Dole fruit bowls for $1.49, limit 1, with in-ad coupon. Ultra-Foods has Bumble-Bee tuna for .48/5 oz.

CEREAL: Jewel has Kellogg's for $1.67 (use .70/1 from ? insert to get them for $1); Fair Share has the cereal/milk deal.

FROZEN FOOD: Dominick's has DiGiorno pizza for $3.97 with in-ad coupon,

DRINKS: Dominick's has Simply Orange juice, 59 oz., for $1.99 with in-ad coupon.

NON-FOOD: Dominick's has Angel Soft 12 double rolls for $3.99 Saturday, Sun and Mon only (use .50/1 Q from 2/22 RedPlum)


Anonymous said...

I like this new format.

Anonymous said...

I am the opposite, I like the older format because I only have Jewel and Dominicks near me and it was easier to see the sales the other way.

Anonymous said...

i hate this format,it's too confusing.

university student said...

i don't mind either.

(then again i am from canada and read this blog for sheer enjoyment, because NONE of these stores are in Canada!)

Kaylea said...

I think I prefer the usual format, but it's interesting to see the comparison format. Usually I read the grocery listings to choose which of a couple options I should choose for my weekly trip. A number of these stores aren't in my usual neck of the woods.

Helen said...

It is interesting to see the comparision, because like for'll be Tuesday and I need more, but I can't wait for the ads on Wednesday because I can't stop at the store Wednesday (in general) if it is better than the Thursday ads. And I forget who had milk a good price this week LOL

But like others said, I don't have Fair Share (and you don't have ultra up there in OP, right?) so I would only read your Jewel and Dominick's posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work, but I prefer the old format. I am only scanning for Jewel, other stores are not in my area.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the old format. This is too hard to follow.

Aldi's always has cheap milk. It's 1.99 now and no limit ever.