Monday, March 16, 2009

Beware of Online Offers -- Emailed Services Billing Inc

I am just a poster child for consumer screw-ups lately. Today I got my phone bill, and since it's auto-paid I don't always get around to examining it. Glad I did today! It had an extra $15 charge on it from "Emailed Services Billing Inc." Huh???
I called the 888 number on that page of the bill, and am told that I supposedly signed up for this "service" as part of an online offer. They said they would cancel it and refund my money. I'll be watching my bill like a hawk for that, believe me.
I think this happened when I clicked on a free magazine offer that led to a chain of other offers, some of them sounding so outrageous like "$1,000 worth of diapers for free" or something. Dear readers, now that I'm blogging I sometimes click on things I wouldn't ordinarily click, because I want to check them out in case they're worth writing about. What I do for you!
Anyway, this is my official warning to watch out for those magazine offers that lead to pages and pages of other offers. You know the ones I mean? These are NOT the Mercury Magazines offers that I often post here -- I have had no problems with those things and it's usually just filling out one single form, selecting the free mag you want and declining a page or two of industry mags you don't want, and that's it.
And speaking of "free" offers that are not worth the time, the following is not a rip-off warning, but a flavor warning: I got one of those free lattes McDonald's is giving away on Mondays. Yeck! Tastes like a gas station cappuccino, you know the ones out of the machines? Which is probably what it is. Overly sweet, with a chemical-tasting flavor added in. No thanks.


Helen said...

Hey Carrie!

Just posted a deal on my blog: get cheap cereal AND milk Friday!