Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Cheapskate Is a Pretty Cool Site

Have you checked out Baby Cheapskate? I clicked over there today following a tweet about the "Fun"damentals sale at Old Navy and how it includes maternity. I've read posts there before, but I never really noticed how many resources they have in the margin:
Diaper deals of the week (including a preview of that next-week Wags Huggies deal I mentioned)
And I love this: a link to a diapers per pack chart. So when you're looking at ads and trying to figure out if you should go for the "jumbo" pack sale or the "big box," this chart will help you figure that out. The chart also gives a "price to beat" for each brand/size -- for size 3 Huggies or Pampers, 22 cents.
Baby Cheapskate also has a full list of places to sign up for diaper, formula and other baby-related coupons.