Monday, March 9, 2009

50th Anniversary Barbie for $3

I almost forgot this gem from the Sunday Target flyer: Buy a 50th anniversary Barbie for the ORIGINAL PRICE of $3.

Toys R Us has the same offer, although it's out of stock online.

Now, many modern moms of girls look down their noses at Barbie. But I have so many good memories of "playing Barbies" with my best friend Hollie. We'd ignore their mature physique and make them orphans in an "Annie"-style orphanage. Hollie was good at fashioning a ball gown out of a discarded sock, and if we put her in a dress from a hardier doll like one of those "international" China dolls on the shelf, Barbie looked pregnant! When we got older, Barbie turned into quite the wayward girl.

What mother wouldn't want her daughter to relive that fun, eh?