Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome Readers from the Tribune!

This morning I shook the snow off my newspaper and saw one word in big type: "CHEAPSKATE."
And there was my picture.
Hehehehehe my mother will be so proud.
I'm happy with the article, which is about "consicuous frugality." My only disappointment is that they didn't mention Wise Bread, which is where the reporter found me originally. There are two big photos of me on the front page, which I actually can't find online. This page on the Web site shows one pic, which actually isn't in the article but I like it better than the main one they used.
In the one on the front page, my serious frown makes me look about 70, and I HATE the US-flag-themed bag I'm carrying (It's SO not me but it's a very handy shopping bag with that pocket in front). But y'all reading it online won't see that anyway.
This morning I got an email from a new reader with a basic question: What are Catalinas? Which makes me think I should post a "shopping FAQ" on this page. Until I do, New Reader Tammy, here's a link to my big long "everything I know about bargain shopping post," and a short answer:
Catalinas are coupons that print out from special machines at retail stores in conjunction with certain promotions. Grocery stores -- in my area, mainly Jewel-Osco -- especially tend to run Catalina deals where you have to buy $25 or so worth of stuff, then you get back coupons worth, say, $10 off ANYTHING YOU BUY on your next order. They're da bomb, as we used to say back in college, especially because there are tricks to spending almost nothing and rolling the deals over and over to get nearly infinite free or very cheap groceries.
P.S. I never fail to get a kick out of how mean and judgemental the people are who comment on newspaper articles online. Check out this person on the Tribune story today:
"These people bragging about “cheap chic” & buying things at (oh the horror!) resale stores…I’ve shopped resale my entire life, because I had to. Got made fun of growing up because I didn’t dress “cool”. These same people that made fun of me now shop resale for their own families…I chuckle at the thought of it. All these years they’ve felt resale & garage sales were beneath them “You’re wearing USED clothes?”. Oh look at you now…you want people to praise you for being “frugal” & “green” because you bought designer clothing for pennies on the dollar. & you get the media to write about it like it’s the second coming. Does anybody buy clothing because its cute anymore? Does a label mean that much more to you? Doesn’t sound like you’ve changed at all. It sounds like you maxed out your Visa & had no choice but to buy second-hand because face it, you’re still trying to keep up w/ the Joneses, hence the label fixation. Lets revisit these same folks when the economy picks up again (because it will, be positive!) & lets see if they’ve kept up w/ these “trendy, new habits”. "
Yeah, right, that sounds just like me, right? Maxed out my Visa, label fixation, "got" the media to write about me (cause the media doesn't get to decide what they write about).
Whatever. I'm still walking on clouds today.


Becky said...

I don't get the Tribune commenter's point at all. Like, the logic does not track for me. And yeah, these stories on frugality do tend to bring out the haters.

Awesome story and pic!

Jen L. said...

Dear Cheapskate,
You should be proud! I check your site daily and enjoy every post. I have always used coupons but about 6 months ago, I REALLY LEARNED how to use coupons. CVS is my favorite store and once a month, you'll find me at a Goodwill store (on 50% off day). I do not have credit card debt. I am a SAHM of 3 toddlers who just wants to provide for my family. Like you, I've figured out it can be done without breaking the bank. There is no shame in that. Congrats on the article!

Cassie said...

I agree with Becky on all counts.

Great article... congrats!

Lacy said...

Hey I love your blog....

Congrats on the trib!!

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Sarah Eliza said...

Congratulations! That's so fun. :)

I definitely think that people tend to use comment sections and letters to the editor as a stand-in for a good therapist lol. Oh well, they don't know what they're missing. ;P

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

that comment is freaking hysterical. sounds like someone is a touch bit jealous of your maven ways! congrats on the article!! :)

Gregory Go said...

Congrats on the Tribune story and photo! That's so so cool. :D

And props for posting the hater's comment and not letting it get to you. If anything, the commenter sounds awfully bitter about high school.