Sunday, February 1, 2009

Used My $5/$30 But Only Broke Even

Tonight during the Super Bowl I slipped over to a totally empty CVS to use my $5/$30 before it expired. My plan was simple: Four packs of L'Oreal towelettes and one Gillette Gamer razor. $34, with two $3/2 L'Oreal Qs and one $4/1 Gillette, plus the $5/$30, for a total of 19ECBs earning 24ECBs.
Unfortunately, there has been a couponer in my lair lately. There was only one pack of towelettes and 1 bottle of L'Oreal facial cleanser left. I grabbed those and improvised, taking some aspirin for $1.99 (get 1.99ECBs), those energy shots things at $4.99 (4.99ECBs), and the razor, which they finally put out but in a weird place that took me a long time to find.
That left me $3 short of $30, but I found a couple cute travel packs of all-natural body products in the clearance bin for $2 each. I thought they would make nice gifts, like for someone going to the hospital or whatever.
So my bill was $31, minus $5 CVS Q, minus one L'Oreal $3/2, minus one Gillette $4/1. Should have been just $19 + tax, but I remember the total being more like $21 something. I paid with $21 in ExtraBucks and 16 cents cash, and got 21ECBs back.
So that's pretty ho-hum. But hey, it's a nice razor for the hubs, and my ECBs are now rolled.


Sarah Eliza said...

Still nicely done! I had a hard time finding the razors too -- I saw them out of the corner of my eye after I had given up and turned to walk out of the store. Lucky! Cuz it was a fun deal...