Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tidbits From Sunday's Ads

I used to work as an editor at a company in Beijing where Chinese translators wrote summaries of the Chinese news in English for foreign companies. For some reason they liked to use the word "tidbits," but they all thought it was spelled "titbits." Which gave the other two editors and I a giggle.

At any rate, although ther were no coupons in today's paper because of the (stupid) holiday weekend, there were a few bargain things of interest:

1) Jewel-Osco 2-day sale, Sunday and Monday, with super coupons for a 3-lb bag of gala apples at $1.47, 64 oz. of Jewel OJ at $1.77, 12 rolls of toilet paper for $3.77, and a 3-lb. box of chicken breasts for $7.77. They all require a $20 minimum purchase and are limited to one item. I _might_ hit Jewel to try out one of the Catalinas that are supposed to be going on (some are reporting the ConAgra deal is back online) and if so the toilet paper looks good to me.

2) Aldi has 8 oz. cheese blocks for $1.29 and 12-oz. packs of string cheese for $2.49, as well as gallons of milk for $1.99, if you don't mind buying milk w/ hormones.

3) Target has hormone-FREE gallons of milk for $1.99, and a $10 prescription transfer coupon in the flyer.

4) The front section of the Chicago Tribune had a coupon for a free regular box of Kraft Mac and Cheese with a new fancy kind they are selling with Velveeta. (Gross, if you ask me.)


Amanda said...

Stupid no-coupon paper! Thanks for pointing out the coupon for the free Kraft Mac, otherwise today's paper would be a real waste. :)