Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SwagBucks Giving YOU Presents for Its Birthday

Today is SwagBuck's birthday, and they are giving out presents.
What it is: SwagBucks is a data aggregation company that pays you (sort of) to let it record your Google searches. You can redeem your SwagBucks for gift cards or prizes.
Now, if you like privacy, you might not like this, but I don't care so I totally signed up, I think in November. So far I have 188 SwagBucks. I have a few people who signed up through me, so some of those bucks are affiliate earnings, while others come from my searches.
You can sign up through me here.
What's special about today: Usually when you search through SwagBucks, you "win" the occasional one or two Swagbucks. But today, I got a $3 SwagBucks reward for a search.
Also, they're giving out special codes, which you can type in at their site to get instant SwagBucks.
Today's codes: HappySwagDay is the only one I've seen, but they said they have several out there today.