Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shopping Feb. 4 - Feb. 10 Saved 53% at Dominick's

I thought I did pretty well this week when my receipt said I saved 53% at Dominck's, but then I realized that I made not one, not two, but three crucial errors. I could have saved more.
I got to 53% by using a $10/$50 coupon. So I pretty much saved my usual 33%, plus that extra 20% discount.
I stocked up on beans, both canned and dried, and nabbed a few great sales like a 5-oz. container of O Organics greens for $1.98 and two pounds of frozen shrimp for $4/pound.
The best deal, I thought, was the Edie's ice cream, which was $2.49.
But that turned out to be one of my errors. It was only days later that I noticed I had a $1/1 coupon for Edy's in my wallet. Bummer! That could have been $1.50 a carton. And now the coupon is expired so I can't go back and claim it.
My second mistake was that I forgot to clip a .55/1 coupon for Cuties clementines, but I CAN bring that one back. Oh, maybe I'll try to slip in the ice cream coupon as long as I'm going up there, but it's getting pretty old.
My third mistake is that I bought some Italian sausage out of the 50% off bin, which was expiring that day. Only when I went home did I realize that Italian sausage was actually marked down to the price I ended up paying for the expiring stuff. So I could have gotten something fresher if I'd taken it from a different bin.
I obsess over these little details not because they are eating me up inside, but because I can learn from them. I will be a better bargain shopper. Wax on, wax off!
Anyway, that was $45 at Dominick's, $12 at Jewel and $28 at Fair Share foods (where I bought, among other things, six gallons of Dean's milk at $1.99 each).
That's $85, and so I will start next week with $71 to spend.
Which is just fine, since we are pretty stocked. I have managed to put plenty of protein in the freezer in recent weeks -- beef, chicken, salmon, tofu and shrimp. And then there's all those lunch meats and cheese that my in-laws brought.
My plan, then, for this week is to hit Whole Foods to stock up on some bulk grains -- whole wheat flour, oatmeal, whole wheat farina if they have it. A few fresh veggies, some sandwich bread, and maybe if I see a good opportunity some "luxury" items like Asian fish sauce and beer for the hubs. And I'll be good to go.
What kind of meals did we have on our $85 this week? I made most of our meals out of a big ham that I had picked up for half price at Dominick's a week or so before. Ham and cheese bagels with salad, ham and broccoli soup, ham, rice, broccoli and cheese casserole, a ham fritatta with some kind of veggie, and now we're eating split pea soup with the ham bone and remaining ham chopped in. I'll probably freeze most of that soup though because obviously we've had enough ham at this point.
I also made salmon curry with some frozen salmon and various veggies. For breakfasts we have had homemade waffles, smoothies, cereal with yogurt or milk. And then on Saturday my in-laws brought that huge lunch, and Sunday we had pizza TWICE at two different birthday parties. Tonight, I think I'm making either soup or colcannon. I just realized that my packed fridge includes a big old cabbage I'm gonna have to use, and I have plenty of potatoes on hand and some red, green and yellow peppers I could throw in.