Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shopping Feb. 18-24 - Lotsa Treats

My shopping weeks begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday, so I'm really late with my weekly report this week.
I had $64 to spend this week (my regular $78, minus $14 I went over last week). I spent $66, and I declare that a victory!

My main shopping trip was at Fair Share Foods, where I spent $38. I got some great deals there: 20 oz. of frozen wild-caught salmon for $2.99 (I bought 3 packages so our freezer is well-stocked with this for awhile), 8 oz. of Kraft cheese for 55 cents (It was clearanced to $1.29 because it was to expire a week later; I used one of those .75/1 blinkies to get it down farther. Of course, I was bummed when I later realized I had three more of those .75/1 coupons floating around my purse.) I got four 8-oz. packages of Kraft cream cheese for 99 cents each, and then accidentally left them sitting out in my kitchen for two days. Hm. We happened to go out of town and lowered the thermostat to 55 degrees though, and of course they were sealed. I haven't tried opening one but I'm praying they're fine. Even Spareboe cage-free eggs, already cheap at this store, were on sale for $2.49 a dozen, so I grabbed two.
We stopped into Dominick's and spent about $10 on goodies: two cartons of Breyer's ice cream for $2.49 each, some asparagus at 98 cents a pound, and a total cave-in to my daughter's request for Cheetos at $2.50 (I know, not even that good a price!).
Then I used $18 to get started on Jewel Catalina deals. Let's see, first there was the granola bar deal -- $11.42 after deducting the Cat I got back and including the cost of the coupons I bought. Then I did the same thing with fruit snacks -- spent $7 for 10 boxes.
What really pleases me about me last few weeks' shopping is the way my refrigerator and cupboards looked when the week was over: Full. As of Wednesday, the first day of my new shopping week, my refrigerator was just full of hormone-free milk and cheese and cage-free eggs, my potato cupboard was full of organic potatoes, my freezer is full of meat and fish, and my cupboards and basement storage area are so full of packaged foods and snacks it's almost ridiculous.
The only thing my freezer and fridge are nearly out of are vegetables. Tomorrow I'm headed to this winter farmer's market to spend some of this week's budget on some good veggies.
What did we eat on the week's groceries? I'm not going to go into detail because half a week later it's getting fuzzy, but I know we had and used a lot of cheese. I made homemade sausage and mushroom pizza Friday night and vegetarian shepherd's pie another night. I know we had salmon and asparagus one night as well.