Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shopping Feb. 11 - Feb. 17

I was way under budget this week, until a quick Trader Joe's stop today sent me sailing over. I had $71 to spend, and I spent $85.
But hey, I spent $17 on real maple syrup (32 ounces of it) and hopefully that will last a long time.
Here's what I did:
Jewel: $7 for 10 pounds of organic potatoes, on sale
Dominick's: $26 on cheese @ $3/lb., grapes @ 88 cents/lb, oranges @ 69 cents/lb (they turned out to be mushy and oversweet, ick), bread and club soda.
TJ's: $40? (I must have left my receipt) on organic pears, onions, frozen salmon, frozen peas, peanut butter, maple syrup, crushed garlic, organic yogurt, org. carrots, org. celery, org. salad mix
Whole Foods: $12 on the bulk bins: organic steel cut oats at 99 cents a pound, organic whole wheat flour, organic raisins, organic hulled barley.
I also bought two bottles of Arm & Hammer detergent for $2.50 each after store and manufacturer's coupons at Dominick's (this is running till tomorrow if you want to grab some), and $4 on earth-friendly dishwasher detergent at TJs. But I don't include cleaning supplies in my grocery budget.
Aaaand, I supplemented my groceries with 2 gallons of free milk and three free packs of Dole fruit cups from CVS.
What we ate on this: As you can see, I didn't buy any fresh meat or much in the way of fresh vegetables until today. I made a big crock pot of rice and beans last week, which served for several meals as "haystacks" (rice, beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese and cabbage or lettuce over tortilla chips), and then mixed with eggs. We had a lot of cold cuts and other sandwich fixings provided by my in-laws which made up our lunches until it ran out on the weekend. I had a cabbage around from the week before so we had cole slaw with several meals. We had pasta with frozen shrimp once, meatloaf out of the freezer with mashed potatoes and sweet potato bread last night. We went out for hamburgers and fries on Valentine's day. And breakfasts were homemade waffles, oatmeal, cold cereal, toast or Pop-Tarts. Snacks were grapes, organges, Pop-Tarts, granola bars, and what-have-you.
Next week I have only $68 to spend. My plan? I'd like to get some cheap broccoli and milk some other deals at Target (since I have a few other things to buy there anyway), use meat out of the freezer (gotta make room in there for incoming Catalina goodies) and the fresh stuff I got today at TJs. Then there are the Jewel Catalinas, which in theory should only cost $10 or so to get rolling on, but sometimes if I'm not sure of my deal I end up paying more cash than that and saving the Cats for regular grocery purchases.
Beyond that, we'll see what the sale flyers say tomorrow.