Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shopping 1/28-2/3

This week I only had about $50 available to spend, but then I got me a $30 Dominick's gift card for transferring a scrip. The nice thing about this is that we actually needed to refill that scrip this week, and it happened to be sitting at CVS, ready for me to transfer to Dominick's. The not-so-nice thing, of course, is that Nutmeg was sick, requiring me to refill her steroid, which she has to take every single time she gets a cold because every time she gets asthma. Yeah, great, not only is she a genius, but she has ass-mar. That'll help her fit right in at school.
At any rate, when I get a grocery gift card, I just add that total to my week's available spending. So I had $80.
I spent $57 at Trader Joe's, and as I always I was so happy with what I got for that. In fact, I finally added some items to my price book because I am confident I cannot get organic potatoes, apples, pears, or frozen organic berries any cheaper than I do there.
I spent $20 at Dominick's, including a Friday night pizza (which they overcharged me a buck on!), some 25-cent donuts, some 25-cent bagels, and that fantastic organic salad deal for $1.98. I'll be back there tomorrow to spend some of the new week's grocery money before this week's sales (and the special 4-day-sale with $10/$50 coupon) end.
So that was pretty much my whole budget. I have a few bucks left, but I need to snag some milk today so that will take care of that.
I also picked up a small stack of flyers at Dominick's so I have plenty more prescription transfer coupons. Now, hmm. Maybe I should call Wags and see if I have any scrips there I can transfer to Dominick's.