Sunday, February 15, 2009

My $5 CVS Run

OK, instead of less than $2, my CVS run cost me $5.20, but I'm still pretty happy with that. On the left of the photo are the things I paid for, on the right are the things that were totally free or moneymakers. We really needed bleach and toilet paper, so if I figure I paid $5 for that stuff (and got a good price on it), then I got the kids' favorite fruit cups, some wipes for the car*, and yet another fancy razor for free. The little white box on the right contains hand santizing wipes, which I got free with the CVS skin care coupon. As for the toothpaste, gum** and tampons, into the donation bin.

The thing I changed from my plan, which made the deal slightly more expensive, was dropping the Suave body wash. Money Saving Mom though there were $1/1 coupons available, but all I could find were .50/1 and $1/2, which would have meant paying 83 cents each. I just didn't think that was worth it, so I went for the fruit cups instead. I don't usually see them that cheap, although of course I usually only buy them with coupons.

Oh, and I got another $5/$30, this time for my husband's account, from the coupon machine. Good through 2/22. Can I even put together another $30 deal? I just checked next week's deals and I don't see crap. But I don't think I've done a lot of the monthly deals on his card so maybe I can cobble something together.

Things I could not find at my CVS:

20-count makeup remover pads for 99 cents (buy 2, get 2ECBs)

Renuzit Triscents with a $5/1 coupon on the box (making it free after ECBs)

Cherry Ultimate Strength Mylanta ringing up at $3-something, paying 2ECBs (was all gone)

* I grabbed the 99-cent car wipes because I was 88 cents negative after using my ECBs.

** Had a coupon from the newspaper for a free pack of gum.