Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Milk Prices Falling? Anyone Seeing It?

Last night when I bought two gallons of 2% Dean's at CVS, they rang up at $2.69 each. Usually they have been $2.89. I've also noticed sales being more prevalent -- seems like every week some store is offering milk at $1.99 -- this week it's Target (where the milk is hormone-free).
As for cheese, the shelf prices are still high, but I have noticed it going on sale more often at $3 a pound.
Then today I saw this story in the Trib about dairy cows being sold for meat. So, at least wholesale prices are falling. I wonder how much of that we're actually seeing. And I feel bad for the dairy farmers. We know some up in Wisconsin, and that is one never-ending job. Not one I'd like to do at a loss.