Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jewel ConAgra Catalina Update

Since I noticed yesterday that my Jewel has already activated the sale prices for the Hunt's products, the girls and I walked to Jewel this morning and bought 20 cans of tomatoes using 10 $1/2 coupons. If the bogo had worked like other sale prices do, I should have received two $10 Catalinas. (I have read that it is possible on this deal to do two $25 purchases in one transaction and get two Cats.)
But I only received one. I'll take that to mean that Helen, who commented on my last post, is right: The bogo items do not require Preferred Card, and so the free items don't count toward your $25 total.
But that's ok: I got 20 BIG cans of tomatoes for $7.50 after coupons and the Catalina coupon. Add $1.50 to cover the coupons I bought, and that means I paid $9 -- still only 45 cents a can. That should keep me in tomatoes for a long time.
I also did the General Mills Catalina again to buy 10 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks. After coupons I paid $17 for those, and got another $10 Cat, for a final price of $7 or 70 cents a box. I didn't buy any coupons for that one, just used the ones I had. Not as good as I could have done had the other Catalina deal steal been running, but still a darn good deal and I won't have to buy snacks for the kids for a good long time.
Now I have three $10 Cats (I forgot the one I got yesterday at home so didn't spend it today.) and should not have to spend much if any cash to keep rolling this deal this week. Here are my next deal ideas. Keep in mind that ALL the "regular prices" I list here might come up differently at the register so be alert:
Free popcorn
8 boxes Act II @ $10 (regular price $26)
I pay a $10 Cat and get a $10 Cat back (If you have time and want to make your local food pantry happy, do this deal over and over and over until the shelf is empty.)

Stock up on stuff I need/want for $6.24 (less than 63 cents an item!)
4 pasta sauce @ $5 - $2 in Qs = $3 (regular price $6.60)
1 ketchup @ $1.25 (regular price $2.15)
2 mustard @ $2.50 (regular price $4.30)
1 Wesson canola @ $4.49 (regular price $5.99)
2 Reddi Wip @ $5 (regular price $6.50)
I pay $16.24 after Qs, get $10 Cat (regular price is $25.54)

Have a few nostalgic dinners for a fiver (OK you have to add the hamburger)
8 Manwich @ $10- 4 .50/2 Qs = $8 (regular price $18)
6 Hunt's tomatoes @ $8.25 - 3 .40/2 Qs = $7.05 (register price w/sale $8.25)
I pay $15.05, get $10 back (regular price is $26.25)

Stock my husband's freezer lunch stash for about $6
6 Marie Callenders dinners @ $15 (regular price $24)
1 Banquet Select dinner @ $1.25 (regular price $1.75)
I pay $16.25 and get $10 back (regular price $25.75)

When paying with Cats, I might add in a few other needed items in to bring the total up to $20 so I can use two and very little cash.
OK, I'm off to make slow cooker potato soup. Then, I PROMISE, I will be back on here with the week's regular grocery deals.