Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jewel Catalinas: Did the GM, But Got No Extra Cats

I was excited when I read about people getting Cats for three promotions running at the same time, by buying 5 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars and 5 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks together. After buying some coupons, I finally got around to trying it today.
Unfortunately, either the Betty Crocker/Nature deals have ended, or they never were activated at Jewel at all. The General Mills part of the deal worked, though. The result: I spent $20 after coupons and got a $10 Cat back. I was hoping to get an additional two $3.50 Cats, though, so, hmph.
I don't think I'll bother using the 15 granola bar coupons remaining from my coupon purchase. Which means I paid $10 + $1.42 for the coupons for 10 boxes, which comes out to about $1.14 per box, higher than my threshhold price of $1 per. Oh well.
Speaking of Catalinas, I noticed that some of the items reportedly included in the ConAgra Catalina deal are on sale, even though I didn't see them in the flyer. For example, Healthy Choice soups are bogo (I think the shelf price said $2.79). Large cans of Hunt's tomatoes are also bogo at a similar price (I'd have to check the list to see if the big cans are included). And Wesson oil is on sale, too -- normally around $5, but I don't remember the sale price.


Leah said...

The BC Fruit Snack/NV granola bar deal ended 2-22. Sorry you missed out!

Helen said...

yup, ended Sunday. I did it though, and got a good deal, plus the $13.50 in cats! Those then got me some good groceries due to the sales last week.