Monday, February 16, 2009

I Rocked That $5/$30 CVS Q

I got all this for NEGATIVE 8 BUCKS. OK, I had the toddler already.

I almost couldn't be happier with my transaction today with the $5/$30 coupon out of the machine. (I'll tell you at the end why I say "almost.") I did it with both kids with me, and they were both charming.

I decided to change my transaction a bit from the plan I posted, because more and more good deals kept coming up. Even after I got to the store, the deal got sweeter, because I got a $2/1 Stayfree coupon out of the machine.

Here's what I got:

$7.50 2 Mylanta Ultra Mint clearanced at $3.75 each (6ecbs)

2.59 CVS antiseptic mouth wash

2.50 CVS recycled paper towels

4.00 CVS brand aquaphor lotion (1ecb)

2.00 CVS cotton balls (buy 2, get 2 ecbs)

2.99 Colgate (2.99ecbs)

5.38 2 gallons milk

5.98 2 Neutrogena soaps (10ecbs)

7.98 2 Stayfrees (4ecbs)

.99 2 CVS tissue packs (filler)



What? You know I always try to get as close to $30 as I can to use a $30 coupon. But the thing is, as I caclulated on my feet (I hadn't counted on that new coupon, nor getting that clearanced Mylanta, and I had a Neutrogena Men coupon in my file that I wasn't sure if they'd take for the Neutrogena soap), I realized that if I only spent around $30 before coupons, I would never be able to use my $16ecb slip. The total was getting too low. So I gave up on math and just figured I'd get pretty much everything that was paying ECBs this week that I had coupons for, all at once.

Here are the coupons I used:

$5/$30 CVS Q $5

2/$10 CVS brand 2

1/1 CVS lotion 1 (from machine)

1/1 CVS skincare 1 (from booklet)

1/1 CVS paper towels 1 (machine)

free CVS mouthwash 2.79 (coupon said up to 2.79 and they didn't reduce it)

2/1 CVS Stayfree 2.00

2/1 CVS Neutrogena 2.00 (it said Neutrogena Men's but it worked for the soap)

bogo Stayfree mq 4.00

$4/2 Mylanta 4.00

$1/1 Colgate 1.00







I paid with an ecb for something like $15.99, and 50 cents out of pocket in tax. And received 24ecbs!!!! That's right, an $8 profit for a transaction that included 2 gallons of free milk. I was pretty happy. (And I'll get another 2ecbs when I get the chance to buy another bag of cotton balls for $1 after $1/1 skin care coupon).

How could I have been happier? Well, as they rang up all my coupons, I saw that it was going to come to a few dollars below my 15.99ecb slip, so I ran over to the cooler and grabbed the second gallon of milk. Then the total was still too low, so I added the 2 packs of pocket tissues. Had I had a better handle on my totals and known I was going to need to spend an extra $4, I could have included the Gamer razor in the transaction, which would have cost $4 after the coupon and added another 4ecbs to my profit.

However, I'm not complaining! It's always good to put an extra gallon of hormone-free milk in the fridge, and the pocket tissues come in handy with my snot-nosed kids this time of year. Now one of my many ecb slips is for $4, so I can easily turn that over with my $4/1 Gillette coupon for another free razor if I get the time.

Tomorrow I would really like to find time to hit another local CVS to look for Mylanta, actually. That is one sweet deal -- spend $3 after the coupon for two bottles, get 6ecbs back.

Aaaand I got another $5/$30 out of the coupon machine today, this time for my account. Looks like it's back to the planning stage for me. At this rate, I am never going to get a chance to run the Jewel General Mills, fruit snacks and granola bars triple Catalina.

Oh, and by the way, if you get the Stayfree, the packages that say 33% extra do pay the ECBs.