Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Just Bought Coupons for the First Time!

So, I've been hard-core couponing for a year and have never bought any coupons. I just didn't take the time to look into it. But since
1) I have lead time on this upcoming (or possibly already active) ConAgra Catalina deal and Jewel and
2) I just read that even if the GM promo ends at Jewel, I can get free Nature Valley bars at Wags using the same coupons,
I decided to spring for a few.
I spend about $5, after shipping and handling, on about 52 coupons on EBay, which will get me a combined total of $26 off Hunt's tomatoes, Crunch and Munch and Nature Valley bars. I couldn't find the coupons I was looking for on any of the coupon sites I checked. Now that I think of it, I'm sure I would have paid less shipping if I had found one seller to get them all from instead of 3 different sellers.
But here's what I really loved: I paid with the money sitting around in my PayPal account, which I earned through mystery shopping. So I basically paid for free money with free money!


Cindy said...

I do this too, there is a website called the coupn clippers which is good. If you haven't already, look for coupons for the stores you shop at as well. For example, I bought coupons for my local grocery store - $10 off min $50 purchase. Gotta love those coupons!

Mark H said...

I've been giving buying coupons a thought. I'd probably pay with paypal also as I get paid via them for a few incentive programs I'm in. Let us know how it goes

Carrie said...

Mark H -- So far I received one of my coupons orders a couple days after ordering, so far so good. Hoping to see more in today's mail.