Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grocery Flyers -- Jewel Catalina Finally Advertised

Yegads! Our alarm clock, aka 2-year-old Pebbles, slept until nearly 9 a.m. this morning so I'm not going to have time to do a full write-up of the week's flyers. I'll catch up this afternoon.
But for now I wanted you to know that they are finally advertising the "buy $25 worth, get $10 coupon" Jewel ConAgra Catalina deal that has been the talk of the couponing blogosphere for weeks. (For a primer on Catalina deals, read here.)
They only list a few of the eligible items -- the ones that are on sale starting tomorrow. The full list is here. No dates are listed, so I'm assuming that it ends next Wednesday, March 4, with the rest of the sales advertised in the flyer.
Here are the listed prices and regular prices. (But remember that the "regular prices" advertised are not always what they ring up for before preferred card. And the $25 you are supposed to spend goes by the pre-card price.)

  • Marie Callenders dinners, 1-dish classics, pasta al dente $2.50, regular $4
  • Healthy Choice 15-oz., selected varieties bogo @ $2.79 (a lot of people have blinkies for .45/2 or .55/2, but the dispenser is gone from my store)
  • Hunt's tomatoes 28 oz. bogo @ $2.75 (use $1/4 from 1/18 SmartSource, there are also $1/2 blinkies out there which I bought!)
  • Peter Pan, 14-18 oz., $2.50, regular $2.95 (use .50/1 printable)
  • Manwich, 15.5 oz. $1.25, regular $2.25 (use $1/3 or .50/2 from 1/18 SmartSource)
  • Hunt's pasta sauce, 26 oz., $1.25, regular $1.65 (use same Qs as Hunt's tomatoes)
  • Reddi Wip, 7 oz., $2.50, regular $3.25 (use .35/1 from inside Swiss Miss package)
  • Swiss Miss, 10 ct., $1.25, regular $2.55 (there are .50/1 certain varieties inside packages or .50/1 certain varieties in the 12/26 All You magazine)
  • Hunt's Snack Pack pudding, 4-pack, $1, regular ?
  • Hunt's ketchup or Gulden's spicy brown mustard, $1.25, regular $2.15
  • Act II micro popcorn, 3 ct, $1.25, regular $3.25
  • Wesson veg or canola oil, 48 oz., regular $5.99
  • Banquet Select Recipes Dinenrs, $1.25 regular $1.75
  • This is not listed in the Catalina ad box, but Chef Boyardee products are included and are also on sale this week for $1.

Now, the curve ball here is the bogo items. The folks in the Hot Coupon World Jewel forum don't seem to agree on whether these will work like regular sale prices or not. Since you are trying to accumulate $25 in PRE-CARD prices, it should work if you buy 10 cans of Hunt's, regular price $27.50 (you'd have to verify that regular price at the register), and then pay only $13.75 -- meaning that after you get the $10 Catalina coupon back, you have really paid only $3.75 for all 10 cans. However, some folks on the forum sound pretty sure that bogo deals just don't work for this, and that you would have to buy 20 cans of Hunt's (spending $22.50 out of pocket) to get the $10 Cat.

Let me know if you try it and what your results are.

The best deals come when you either have coupons for the items or there is a large spread between the regular price and the sale price, or both. Here are some deal scenarios using these items, assuming that regular prices listed here are correct (they probably are off by a few cents, so it's a good idea to throw a filler item in your cart and to watch the total carefully):

1. 10 cans Hunt's tomatoes @ $27.50 (sale price $13.75) (not sure if this will work)

minus 5 $1/2 Qs 5.00


you pay 8.75, get $10 coupon -- EARN $1.25


20 cans Hunt's tomatoes @ $55 (you pay $27.50)

minus 10 $1/2 Qs 10.00


you pay $17.50, get $10 coupon, your expense = $7.50

2. 4 Wesson @ $23.69 (sale price $17.96)

1 Banquet dinner @ $1.75 (sale price $1.25)


regular price is $25.44, you pay $19.21, minus the $10 coupon, you spent = $9.21

I also have some coupons for Crunch N Munch, which is included at sizes ranging from 3.5 oz. to 36 oz., so I am going to do a deal with those.


Helen said...

Well, a BOGO sale will work whether or not you have a prefered card. So when an item is BOGO, the first one will scan the price, the second at $0.00. So no, it does not count. This is the price "before PC" which is what also happens when an item rings at "$3.79 shelf sale price" which is what the sale is based off of (as opposed to 'regular' shelf price or PC price"