Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 2/4-2/10 FAIR SHARE SUPER MARKET

I don't always get a flyer from these guys lately, but today I do, so let's take a look-see:

Fresh Express Garden Salad, 12 oz. 88 cents
If you were lucky to get those .75/1 tearpad/blinkie coupons at Safeway or Dominick's, this would be sweet. Mine were all gone and have not been reloaded.

Tyson whole fryers 78 cents a pound

navel organges $3.88/8 pound bag

gallon Dean's milk $1.99 NO LIMIT LISTED!

General Mills Cereal $1.67

Norbest Hen Turkeys 79 cents a pound

Cook's shank portion smoked ham 99 cents a pound

pork chops $1.69 a pound

chicken leg quarters 59 cents a pound

asparagus $1.88 a pound

Since I need eggs and their regular price for Spareboe cage-free is less than anyone else's cage free eggs, I think I will stop in here this week to stock up on milk and eggs. I wonder how many gallons of milks we can go through before they spoil? Maybe 6?