Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 2/26-3/4 DOMINICK'S/SAFEWAY

Dominick's is good this week, and outside of Catalinas at Jewel (which shouldn't cost me much off my budget now that I have the Cats), I think I'll do my shopping here this week. I put items I'll be buying in red.
First off, there is a $10/$50 coupon in this week's flyer, good only Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last time I used one of these I did great. AND there's a new $30 GC coupon on the back page for a transferred scrip.
Then there are super coupons, all limit 1 per transaction, $10 minimum purchase:
FREE 2L of Pepsi, Crush, etc.
16 oz. Lucerne butter 99 cents
Kellogg's Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran (24-25.5 oz.) 99 cents!
(If the special flavors of Mini Wheats are included, check if you still have any of those $1/1 printables, which are no longer available, to get it free. I have 7! If not, use the .70/1 from the 2/22 RedPlum or try the $1/1 Q from the same insert which is only for Little Bites or Raisin Bran Extra.)
Sat, Sun and Monday only:
Lucerne eggs 97 cents/dozen
Campbell's Select Harvest 88 cents, limit 8
(Use $1/2 from the 2/1 SmartSource to get them for 33 cents each)
5 lbs. potatoes or onions, or 3 lbs carrots $1.88
All week:
strawberries $1.49/lb.
Eating Right salad blends $1.98, 5-12 oz.
split chicken breasts, bone in, 97 cents/lb
Ball Park franks, $2.50
(use $1/2 from the 1/25 insert to get two for $2 each)
Thomas' muffins and bagels $2
(use $1/1 from March All You magazine to get it for $1)
Lucerne yogurt, 6 oz. 50 cents (I like Lucerne dairy because it's hormone-free)
Angel Soft toilet paper, 4 rolls, $1
(use .50/1 from the 2/22 RedPlum, it says for 6-pack but you might get away with it)
Del Monte Fruit Naturals $1
(Use $1/2 to get them for 50 cents each)
Wild salmon (previously frozen) $6.99/lb.
Frozen food Catalina offer: Spend $25, get a $10 coupon good on next order. Good 2/25-3/31. (I have no idea if this will use pre-card price or card price to calculate the $25)
Lists only 4 items but says to look for tags throughout the store:
Edy's ice cream $2.99, Eggos $1.77, Eating Right meals or pizza $2
And on Friday only, the deli deal is a roasted chicken for $5
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.


Helen said...

Hey Carrie :)

I have no idea how the Dominick's cats work. Maybe one of the other Safeway-owned shops forum on HCW could help us out. I never ever shop there because of the prices, but lately they have had some deals, plus we can walk there, and we get GCs with scripts (one today, but NOT new, which is what I need for hubby's). grrr.

Anyway, those super coupons are great. Also, we bought the bnls/sknls chx and the 93/7 beef this week. They were both delicious! Best chicken we've had.