Monday, February 23, 2009

Got All My Coupons Today

The remaining two orders of coupons I made last Wednesday arrived today (the first order arrived Saturday). I have to say I'm happy with this whole buying coupons thing. All three orders contained the exact coupons I asked for in the number I had ordered, and one of them even included a bunch of extra coupons for other products.
With a five-day turnaround (including the weekend), it might even be safe to order coupons when you get your grocery flyer on Wednesday for a sale that week. Then again it might be pushing it if the coupons will expire before another sale comes up in case you don't get the chance to use them.
The only thing that annoyed me about the process? All 3 of the envelops I got cost only a standard 42-cent stamp to mail, plus the cost of the envelop. So why did at least one of them charge me 69 cents postage? Oh well, not a huge big deal.
The EBay sellers I bought from:
Jpath98 (sent the extra coupons)
Fair Lady Coupons (kdsent2) (this is the one that arrived first)
Wendylou Services
I'm off to leave feedback for the sellers.


Helen said...

well, technically you can charge for your 'clipping time' but if they lumped it into postage, that's poor.