Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Tampons at CVS

There are a lot of CVS brand coupons coming out of the red machines right now. Including one for $1.50 off CVS brand feminine products. I used this to get the 5-pack of tampons for free, since its regular price is $1.49. But the smallest regular size tampons -- maybe the smallest size pads too -- was priced at around $2, so if you actually need this stuff you might rather pay the 50 cents to get a lot more.
Last night I went over to combine a bunch of CVS coupons into a $10 transaction, and get valentines for my daughter's class celebration today. I did OK -- I basically paid for the Valentines and got some other junk for an additional 50 cents:

CVS Valentines $2.25 (reduced from $3)
3-pack recycled paper towels $2.50
tampons 1.50
2 bags cotton balls 4.00
- 2.00 $2/$10 CVS brand
1.00 $1/1 CVS paper towels
1.50 $1.50/1 CVS fem
1.00 $1/1 CVS brand skincare
4.75 (4ECBs + 75 cents oop)
Received 2ECBs for buying 2 cotton balls


Svetlana said...

You did great!
Where did you get $2/$10 CVS coupon?
Thank you
sgolba1 at gmail dot com

Carrie said...

Thanks -- CVS has me VERY spoiled so if I have to spend anything, I am a little bummed.
The $2/$10 also came out of the coupon printer. I got another one last night -- good on $10 worth of CVS brand products.