Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dominick's Super Coupons

Friday night I strapped the kids into the car under frigid conditions (ouch, my hands!) and drove to Dominick's to pick up one of them $5 pizzas. Except they charged me $1 extra for the privilege of having sausage on it, which, looking at the ad, I don't think they were supposed to do. But to make matters worse, we didn't get no effing sausage on it! I opened the pizza box at home and found a plain cheese pie.
Ah. Now I have to go back to Dominick's at some point this week to complain. Fortunately, the Sunday Dominick's flyer threw me a bone to make me more look forward to the trip. There is a $10/$50 coupon in there, good for four days this week only (Sunday-Wednesday). So I think I'll go Wednesday and spend half my new week's shopping budget there.
The super coupons also include Mott's apple juice for 99 cents* and those Cuties Clementines (coupons in 2/1 SmartSource will sweeten the deal).

* A week or two ago, I took advantage of a sale and got some Mott's for Tots with a coupon. I was heartily annoyed when I got them home and found out they were 50% juice, 50% water. Now, I like to water down juice for my kids and myself, but I do NOT like to pay for juice when I'm getting water. Come on! You know, there is a whole trend of paying companies just as much to give us less, for our own good supposedly, and I think it's so dumb. Like, "whipped" butter or yogurt which contains less than the regular package and costs the same. And like, 100 calorie packs. OK, commentary over.


Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same thing about whipped butter today.
i got a muffin, and by the time i buttered it, i had used two of those small portions. if it wasn't whipped, i would use one.

whipped just smooshes down more.

Rachel said...

I am so with you on the Motts for Tots! They should be honest about it and at least charge less -- and now Welches is coming out with "AquaJuice."

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