Saturday, February 28, 2009

Diaper Deal This Week at CVS: 80 Wipes for $1.25, Diapers for $7

If you got a $5/$20 CVS brand coupon and/or a $3 off Playskool diapers coupon from the CVS coupon printer recently, you can get some very good deals on Playskool brand diapers and wipes starting tomorrow. The deal is "spend $20, get 5ECBs" and both Playskool and Pampers are included. Since Playskool is a CVS brand, most cashiers will let you use a $5/$20 CVS brand coupon on them. They don't beep.
The wipes are VERY nice, and some people don't like the diapers. My toddler is not usually too messy so I think the diapers are fine. These are the big 60-diaper packs.

Deal 1:
1 pack Playskool diapers $11 (spend $20 get 5ECBs)
4 packs PS wipes 10
- 5/$20 CVS brand Q
3/1 Playskool diapers Q
$13 for one big pack diapers AND 4 packs wipes, get 5ECBs back

Deal 2:
8 packs PS wipes $20
- 5/20 CVS brand Q
$15 for all those wipes, get 5ECBs back for total cost of $10

My CVS already had the diapers tagged for the promotion that starts tomorrow, so I already did Deal 2 once today. That's $1.25 for a very nice pack of 80 wipes.