Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deals on Athletic Shoes at

I've been trying to motivate the hubs to get exercising and lose some weight. Not just cause I love him, but also because we got a quote for life insurance this year and after the physical, they put him in a rather pricey category due to high body/mass index. Ouch.
So when I saw this morning that is offering $30 off when you spend $120 on select running and cross training shoes, I thought a little present might encourage him a bit. For details on that deal, click here, scroll to the "special offers" section and click "details." also has free overnight shipping.
$120 running shoes? What kind of savings blog is this, right? Personally, I work out (when I actually worked out) in a pair of shoes I got maybe 5 years ago in a clearance sale for $10 or $15, and they are great.
But my husband is another story. His feet are wide -- EEEE to be exact. He can't just stroll into a clearance sale or a Goodwill store and expect to find something that fits him off the rack. He usually special orders, and this is usually pricey.
But even better than the above deal, while clicking around I found these shoes on clearance for him. New Balance EEEE, half price at $47.90, including the free shipping.
Have hard-to-fit feet? Click around's Clearance page and see if you can find a deal for yourself too.