Monday, February 23, 2009

CVS Reckoning

I realize I've been a bit lax about reporting my weeky CVS tallies here. I skipped a bunch of weeks (that's the nice thing about getting stocked with lots of toiletries from CVS -- you CAN skip it when there's nothing exciting) but I'm back.

I don't have hard numbers on the transactions I did this week, but here's a summary and some tallies of what I have in ExtraBucks:

1. I did two $5/$30, transactions, one on my card (spent $5) and one on my husband's (earned $8).
2. I didn't do the third $5/$30 run I was thinking about, because I couldn't find any more Mylanta. But I did slip in to get another two Neutrogena soaps for $4 after $2/1 Neutrogena coupon, making that transaction a $6 moneymaker.
3. I blew about 7ecbs on mylar balloons for my girls after their Trader Joe's balloons both got off the strings and escaped (memo to Trader Joe's staff: I love you, but you really should learn to tie a balloon onto a string with a stronger knot.)

The reckoning:

my card 18ecbs
his card 20ecbs

I just perused the week's deals at I Heart CVS and there's not much I want to do this week. Except, I have the $2/2 Nabisco coupon, so it looks like I could get two boxes of Triscuits for $2 after bogo sale and coupon. Oh, and I SUPPOSE I could grab another Gamer razor as I still have one coupon left for those. But in general, I think I will save my time and energy for Jewel Catalinas this week.


Anonymous said...

I am new to blogs and read the article in the trib about you. I just wanted to tell you about a store that is new to Forest Park and since you are close to that area you maybe interested they have "A Little Bit of Everything"
and that's the name of the store and it sells stuff that is old and new like furniture(old) and hello kitty(new)and kids clothes (both)
check it out its on Madison st.
Thought you might be interested.
And they are affordable!!!
like the thrift stores.

Tim said...

I'm new from the Trib article as well. Can you explain the EB thing and everything? I just don't get it...

Carrie said...

Anon -- Thanks, that sounds like a good place to check out.
Tim -- You're not the only one who asked -- so I just posted a newbie guide. Let me know if you still have questions after reading it.