Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CVS - a late-week scenario and the coupon printer

I stopped into CVS today while out enjoying the warm weather with the kids. I scanned the all the Mylanta they had but none of them rang up as $3.65, like they have been in some places (which makes them a moneymaker).
Of course I also printed coupons, and got some pretty good ones, including $2/$10 CVS brand purchase and $1/1 CVS brand lotion.
Using those coupons and MSM's tip today (and a tip from one of her commenters), I put together a transaction to do tomorrow:

CVS hand lotion $1.99
CVS makeup removers $1
CVS valentines $3
CVS paper towels $3.50
CVS tissues .50
- 2.00 $2/$10
1.00 $1/1 lotion
1.00 $1/1 skin care from beauty book
1.00 $1/1 paper towels (also from machine)
5.00, get 2ECBs for lotion and if you buy another makeup removers in next transaction, get another 2ECBs

The reason I do the makeup removers in 2 transactions is that the skin care coupons say only 1 coupon per.

Some of the other CRT coupons I've gotten lately: $1/1 CVS vitamins, 60 ct. or larger, $3/1 Dove Skin Vitalizer, $2 of Neutrogena men's item, $2 off Aquafresh, $2 off Tums 36 ct. or larger, $1 off Kis/Broadway nail item excluding glue, $1 off Excedrin, $2 off Plaskool wipes 160 ct. or larger, $1.50 off CVS feminine care products.