Saturday, February 28, 2009

Couple Notes on Dominick's/Safeway Deals This Week

For those still planning to go to Dominick's or Safeway this week to take advantage of the super coupons and other nice deals, I wanted to mention a couple things.
1) The $.50/1 Angel Soft TP coupon totally works on the 4-packs, even though it says 6-pack or larger on it. This makes the TP 50 cents for four rolls.
2) I got the Mini Wheats cereal totally free by combining the super coupon from the flyer with a $1/1 printable for blueberry, strawberry or maple Mini Wheats. The super coupon is only good for the plain variety, but the register accepts the coupon for that.
3) The free soda does not register as its regular price on the receipt -- it registers as $0. So if you are using the $10/$50 coupon or trying to get a $10 total to use the super coupons, the soda will not count toward the total. But the items the other super coupons are for -- the cereal and butter -- register at their sale prices, $2.50.
4) If your store is out of the 97-cent-per-pound chicken breasts, do what I did: Ask the butcher to substitute another package at the same price. She did this, and was able to print out a new sticker from a label-printing scale. Cool!
5) Although the $10/$50 coupon says the discount cannot be applied to alcohol, this apparently does not mean that you can't use any alcohol toward the $50 threshhold. Either that or they don't really keep track.