Thursday, February 5, 2009

Channel 7: Organics on a Budget

Tonight my local news did a spot on selectively buying organics, which is just what I've been doing. The mom they featured said she bought conventional broccoli for $1 a pound (I shopped that same sale -- Dominick's!) and got frozen organic raspberries at Whole Foods. But I saved more, cause I got my frozen berries at TJs. Too bad they didn't interview me. :-)
And by the way, this story on parents cutting back on lavish birthday parties has been making the rounds. Gag me, eh? I put a lot of work into my kids' birthday parties and, I'll confess, spend more in that area than I do in other areas, but I am so glad we don't live in a community where over-the-top parties are the norm.
Way at the end of the article, a parent points out how lame it is that parents so often stay at kids' parties these days (actually my SF friend tells me this is the norm out there; Nutmeg has mostly been invited to drop-off parties). The funny thing is that the Dad says there's always liquor, even at 10 a.m. in the park. Now, I generally offer a parent a beer if they're sticking around, but mojitos? 10 a.m.? I've never been invited to one of THOSE kids' parties.


eve said...

I guess Bubble's party at the Pump It Up qualifies as lavish, but I wasn't about to have 15 kids at my house. Besides, I love it and don't care if I make an ass of myself going down the big slide.