Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Deals

No, I'm not selling babies today. If that's what you are looking for, you will have to go out and make or commission your own eight embryos just like the rest of us.
I am, though, pointing you in the direction of some red hot deals on baby STUFF. Because, as I am remembering now that I'm 18 weeks gone, even hippie attachment parents like me need some baby gear.
Amazon currently has Britax car seats up to 20 percent off, through Feb. 15. When I sat down to do the research for Nutmeg's first post-baby-bucket car seat, I zeroed in on Britax because Consumer Reports said it was safest and I think it got good marks for ease of use too. We now have two Britax seats, the Marathon and the Roundabout, and I agree that, compared to the Cosco one we got from Freecycle, they are easy to use. I mean, no car seat is actually easy to use, but these ones are not too bad. They do have two major drawbacks: 1) They are expensive -- even on sale, the Roundabout is $179.99 and the Marathon is $229.99 and 2) They are huge, which becomes a factor if you drag them around airports a lot.
The price thing didn't faze me that much. I mean, these car seats are something that you are going to use for two or three years, and again for subsequent children. You can even skip the baby bucket and use one of these as soon as your child is born. Will you really remember three years later whether you went for the $200 seat or the $100 one? But if we were, God forbid, in an accident and my child was hurt, I would never, ever forget that I had opted for the cheaper seat with the lower safety rating.
OK, so maybe I'm a sucker, because all the seats on the market meet safety standards. On to less morbid purchases:
Target's discounting all kinds of baby stuff, both online and in store. Online, you get free shipping if you spend $50, which is pretty easy to do when strollers are involved.
One of the sale items, by the way, is the Ocean Wonders bouncy seat. I got this at my first baby shower, loved it, and sold it in a flush of "I ain't never going through this baby crap again" fever when Pebbles was around a year old. Now, for obvious reasons, I regret that.


The Sabatini Family said...

Hey, Check out Albee baby - I think they have the Britax Marathon for 179.99 right now (select styles). I love your blog by the way. It is nice to know the Local Deals. We live in the Northern Suburbs.